Raising a Bilingual Child

I feel raising a bilingual child offers opportunities as well as unique challenges and provides a sense of reward ship when you are communicating with your child in your native language and he understands each and every word you say it feels great not only are you teaching them but you are educating them with the gift of a second language. I am sure my son will be grateful for being taught a second language when he gets older

Now when you decide to teach your baby your native language other than English in my experience I think you should expose your child to both languages don’t fall in to the myth that the child gets confused I don’t feel this is the case if you decide to speak to your child in your language you should keep that firm at home in other words communicate with your child with only your language do not mix up languages at home this I feel will confuse your child but I don’t feel you should deprive him or prevent other people from speaking to your child in English allow them to communicate in English.

For example my son learned English mostly from Daycare which he attends 5 days a week 4 hours a day I feel this helped him tremendously with his English speaking skills.

Well off to Housework I go..Feel free to offer any advice you have to offer on raising a bilingual Child and if you would like to ask me any questions


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