Mother and Son Living in an Unexpected World!!!!!!

Last week I took my son to our local play ground to have lunch ..There he was being adorable as always eating his souvlaki when the kid sitting with his father right next to us decides hes going to walk up to my son …” Awww he wants to hug him he loves babies!” exclaimed his father.. So I sat back watched the little boy who was just a few months older than my two year old.. Suddenly he attacks my son scratching his face and punching him.. You can imagine how upset and shocked I was. And my son just sat there did not cry just looked shocked and scared and held on to his Greek teaching Computer game for dear life.. It Broke my heart to see him so vulnerable..The father apologized … but I still cant help but wonder what triggered this little boy to do this to my son.. This happened a week ago and the scratches are still on his face I get so infuriated when think about the whole incident.. What really got me thinking is that my son did not defend himself just sat there…should I teach him to hit back? or at the least put his hands up? How do I prevent this from happening again or can’t I ???????????????????????????????????????


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