It all started a few years ago when I first discovered that the friendly stork was going to bless me with his presence.

Almost immediately I started searching for toys, books and music focusing on my

heritage and culture. I wanted to provide my baby with toys that spoke our native language, lingo, if you will.

After months of frantic searching I finally found a few toys (not many) that fit the bill. I realize that my baby may not have understood the difference between the languages early on but watching him play with the toys and listening to the toys speak our language filled me with joy. Now, a little older, my child does understand the difference in languages and playing with his language toys always puts a big smile on my child’s face.

I experienced first hand that providing my child toys, dolls, books and dvds related to our language inspired and empowered my child in addition to helping develop a stronger self-esteem.

Excited with how my child interacted with our native language toys, dolls and dvds in comparison to how and frequency he played with the other toys, I loaned various language learning and cultural toys to my friends and relatives. Simply put, their children and they as well just loved them.

Soon thereafter, was born. I wanted to provide toys dolls, books and DVDs related to an individual’s language with the specific goal to enrich the cultural, geographic and of course lingual knowledge.

I love the response I’ve been receiving from parents and grandparents who decided to try our safe toys, dolls, books and DVDs that stimulate the imagination and facilitate learning and mastery of language and developmental skills while helping to maintain their heritage and culture.

While I truly enjoy this new stage in my life and the challenges it brings, I find my self struggling with the guilt that I often feel when attention goes towards and not my lil baby. With that said, where else can I write this and express myself with my baby on my lap! In other words…There is no turning back now.

  1. Interesting Site I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts particularly on Bilingualism

    – Best


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