Mother and Son need Potty Training !!!!

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 at 12:40 pm

Well It is about that time to begin potty training my son.. Some say he should be out of the diapers already…. while others tell me it will happen when he is ready. He has been going in the potty (once he is placed on it )and he  lets me know if he has wet his diaper…. but he is not at the stage of telling me BEFORE HE GOES in the diaper. This is an enjoyable experience along with a bit of stress……

looking forward to hearing any stories or advice on how to potty train my son and ME!!!  🙂

  1. I remember those days have you tried rewarding him afterwards? with a treat, stickers I found that to work with my 27 month old.

  2. Yes we have the sticker books along with the concept that if he does number one in the potty he gets one sticker and if he does number 2 in the potty he gets 2 stickers 🙂 he grasped that quickly.
    How long would you say was your potty training with your little one?

  3. When my youngest was learning she would call me and call me, not matter where I was, until I finally came to see what had happened and she would be standing next to the potty, proudly smiling up at me – ‘See??’.

    Good luck with it all…


  4. Hey Nicky

    That is so adorable.. I actually saw the photographs of your 3 stooges they are absolutely adorable. I can imagine how tough it can get…….

    Thank you for your Post and I will keep you posted with the training

    All my best,

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